Happy Hour with Snap Forward – July 28th, 2016

This week, Nick went solo and talked about having a positive impact, Snap Forward’s improved brand promises, productivity, and our guest for next week.

2:22 – Return Policies and Free Warranties

If you haven’t heard, just about every credit card offers 1 extra year on warranty coverage. Even better, American Express specifically covers wear and tear on the warranty. If you are buying items like a laptop or TV, you will automatically get a year long warranty by purchasing it entirely on that credit card.

Business Insider recently wrote an article on how you can reap the benefits of warranties without paying any extra fees.

Think about the things that have broken in your house in the past year. You could have used the warranty your credit card offers to fix it for free.


7:02 – Leave it Better Than You Found it

Snap Forward is always seeking to improve our customer experience. It’s why we address our company strategy every six months. This time, we focused on our Brand Promises. Here they are:

One Touch

We will address every customer contact the first time. It shouldn’t be work to do business with Snap Forward. We have heard so many help general desk complaints that we don’t want to happen to us. Our number one goal is to respond to customers as quick as possible.

Two-to-One Positive Results

SNAP CTO and SNAP CMO will deliver twice the customer’s investment. If the customer doesn’t agree, they can cancel the agreement within 90 days for a full refund.

Three Steps Forward

Our customers’ pain will be properly addressed. Our clients will be closer to their goals. We will leave them better than we found them, every day.

We will have a positive impact on every customer’s business, personnel, and customer base.

11:00 – Productivity and Mindfulness

How do you be more productive?

Start your day a little earlier. Waking up at 4:00am may sound early, but it can jump start your day and get you aboard the productivity train.

Being an early bird can lead to a more successful, stress-free day. We loved the article by Anisa Purbasari in which she followed Jack Dorsey’s morning routine. It involved waking up at five in the morning and included some meditation and exercise.

Meditation sparked our interest after reading Dan Harris’ book Ten Percent Happier. He suggests meditation as a practical way to make him a little bit happier and make is life seem a bit easier. In the end, the author said that the routine she stuck to truly did make a difference in and prepared her for the day ahead.


17:30 – Goals for next week

  1. Read an actual book – not an audiobook or podcast.
  2. Get those workouts done by 5:30
  3. By 6:00am be getting ready for the day
  4. At work in the morning huddle by 7:40
  5. Have the work day begin at 8:00

We will see how it goes.

Tune in next week for our first guest! Chrissy Gipko, the marketing coordinator for Single Step Strategies, will be joining us.


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